4 Ways Fashion Designers Can Become Social Media Celebrities.

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Even if you feel you have well established your distribution chain and need not to invest into digital marketing to grow your sales, fashion designers should invest their time & energy into establishing  a digital communication, and building a personal brand online. Fashion designers are like celebrities, or at least they should act like celebrities […]

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How Single Founders Can Excel At Marketing With Very Little Involvement.

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Single founders often don’t realize but they are the one who’s primarily bringing in bread & butter for entire team, and I am saying so more from sales perspective. Founders in their first 3 years of with less than 10-20 cr. of revenue organizations will always find themselves struggling to have a fixed schedule, to […]

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A Story of Hashtag Hijacking Blunder, And What You Can Do To Avoid The Shame.

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Stories of some badly planned or say unplanned hashtag campaigns that caused severe reputation damage to leading brands over social media, and what you can do to avoid. FREE Social media might have started making lesser sense for advertisers, but it has grown up in a full fledged open public complaint channel for consumers, vertically […]

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5 Biggest Entrepreneurial misleads, ever. (Republish)

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(This is a republished version of the original article written for Entrepreneur India magazine.) Chase passion, not money. Have you ever heard this from any VC or Angel Investor saying so for himself? No. But surely he wants to invest in entrepreneurs who chase ONLY passion, so he can make money. Wake up Sam. Without […]

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5 Absolutely FREE Ways To Market Your App.

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The biggest problem of App developers these days isn’t getting app installs, but retaining the app installs, since the app uninstall rate is touching ever high. But this blog below discusses few of the critical and absolutely FREE ways to digital marketing your app.   1. Virility Factor (inbuilt virility, viral campaigning) In plain words […]

April 25, 2018