Do You Really Need 20 Best Social Media Tools or, Practically Just 3?

Blog, Digital Marketing / Thursday, January 18th, 2018

3 Social media tools that you should really need for more focused social media marketing, and prevent yourself cluttering by chasing 10, 20, or 30 so called best social media marketing automation tools.

Ever wondered, the authors of articles like “20 Best Social Media Tools in 2018.” or, “10 FREE Social Media Tools You Can’t Live Without”, really use that many tools themselves? Ever found yourself curious, why the world of social media is going mad offering you ever increasing number of social tools?

Well there are a couple of reasons for that crap.

Firstly, because every other day you’ll find a new startup appearing with a new social media tool trying to replicate the success of a previous market leader, merely by 1 or 2 different features.

Secondly, because they all have to produce blog posts in order to attract better search engine ranking for them, regardless of the fact if their blog posts help simplify your social media marketing or grow your frustration?

Thirdly, because some senior marketing expert suggested on a YouTube video that to grow the back links, if someone has posted a blog with 5 tools, you post another one with 10 tools. If someone has already posted 10, post one with 20. Even you’ll find 101 very soon.

The problem multiplies due to the fact the entire world is turning into a writer, with merely 5% writers publishing to simplifying the life of a reader, and not for red-carpeting Google search algorithm.

And when everyone is writing to write for Google, and not to spread wisdom, you better gotta be cautious on which advice to take. And only that way, the overall content quality will improve over time.

I have been using many social media tools myself, and what I am going to tell you is not another 10 best tools but how to select what kinda social tools, so that you can spend less time on managing the content, and more time on producing wonderful content, and enjoy a simple life.

So let’s see the simplest tools you need to use for automating your social media activities.

1. Social Media Post Auto Scheduler

But obvious, and the top reason of the entire social media tool’s war.

What you need to understand that you don’t need the best one, but just one social media auto-posting tool. A scheduler that you can use to auto-schedule your post, and never need to keep everything in mind.

The war for the best, only helps the tool developer companies like Buffer, HootSuite, SproutSocial etc., but cause you loss of huge amount of focus, time, and productivity.

The more you compare, the more you lose. So just pick anyone tool solely based on price that you can afford, and the number of different allowed social channels you want to post to, and go ahead, start posting.

I am big fan of simplicity and couldn’t hold myself from emphasizing the importance of it. As an entrepreneur the most precious asset you have at your disposal is your time.

Note it.

(Compare & select a tool here

2. Social Media Listening Tool

Another tool you need is a tool to find out how your content is being used, shared and talked about. And we call it social media monitoring tool. Primary purpose of using such tool is to monitor the public conversations around you products, your brand, and to find out positive or negative sentiments quickly, decide what to do about it, and doing..

For eg. – if you found a negative customer review around your brand on social media somewhere, you may want to connect to the person, and want to take the 1-on-1 conversation over email to prevent further damage to your brand.

(Read, The advanced tips on how to use social media monitoring tools like a pro.)

Again don’t fall in the trap of finding the best one, but just go with the one that you can easily afford, and that serves your purpose.

Keep in mind; you want a tool that can give you wider reach with various social platforms, as well as simple enough. I like Buffer Reply personally, but there are more that you can check on this link.

3. Social Media Analytic Tool

The last tool you need is to analyze the progress, and ROI of your social media marketing strategy ie. The social media analytic tool.

(See video on What’s the difference between social media monitoring & social media analytics?)

If you ask me, personally I still love using the native analytic tools (eg. – Facebook analytics, Twitter analytic, Pinterest analytics) of each platform for a couple of reasons.

First, they show you entire data without any data loss during data migrations or exporting to any other third party tool. Like famous Facebook v/s Google analytic problem. You’ll never find complete Facebook states in Google analytic, no matter what.

Secondly, native analytic tools make more sense when analyzing the consumer behavior behind an action ie “How people use that platform particularly, and what a data set may really mean on that specific platform.” For eg. – People interact with pictures totally differently on Facebook v/s Pinterest.

Another somewhat relevant example just to show you’re the difference is; a “Clicks” on Google Adwords is a click on your ad that forward user to your website, while on Facebook a “Click” could be anything from click on your ad’s picture, to click on an additional link inside your ad, to click on CTA button, or click to expand your ad’s description.

Third, I believe native analytic tools give you better report customization to gain platform independent insights, and optimize.

Still you can check few social media analytic tools on this link below, to choose form for your specific need.

So conclusively, I am a firm believer of keeping things simple to better utilize your time on those 20% activities that will bring you 80% success in your startup’s journey.

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