What is The Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Blog, Digital Marketing / Monday, January 15th, 2018

Your social media strategy should be designed to grow your branded search queries, direct traffic, and seo benefits, beside Likes, Share & Community Engagement.

If you are just starting up with social media marketing for your brand, and in process of preparing a proper social media marketing strategy that work, let me alert you with a couple of wrong points of start.

A.    Social media marketing is FREE.

B.    There is not much to do there. You just need to keep posting random posts, articles & memes.

C.    Let’s just acquire decent number of Likes or followers, to sound big.

D.   Social media marketing is limited to social platforms only.

These are utter wrong beginning pointers, and either you are being misguided or you just don’t understand how to use social media marketing effectively.

Most of the business wants to start with social media to build brand awareness, to bring in social media traffic to website, and to appear a socially well accepted brands, so that they can easy the buying decision research for new consumers.

But due to the increased hunger of monetizing the user base, almost every social media platform, be it Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or YouTube, have algorithmically reduce the organic reach drastically.

This all started with Facebook playing devil, and is said to be approaching ZERO organic reach. That means, your FREE post will never be visible in your audience’s feed until you buy Facebook ads.

Another reason for this state of drastically dropped organic reach is increased production of content on world wide web. Sometime I feel the content sellers are producing are into many multiples of what consumers can consume. But this is the reality we have to face, and such increase content jam is also creating the slow reach of your content to your potential consumers on social media.

But if you look closely, you can use social media cleverly in all this chaos. Let’s check how.

Google has previously announced that it is using social indicators as one of the prime ranking indicators, making social media and SEO ranking, directly linked to each other.

1. Optimize Social Posts for SEO

When Neil Patel said, Social is the new seo, he actually meant that. What he told us that despite the official statements of Google’s Matt Cutts, Google does index lot of social content, that it deem useful.

So having a properly content-ed and keywords in your social page can actually gets your listed well in search engine.

The content that you share on social media platforms should use all of your targeted key phrases, beside being share-worthy.

You can no longer just post any random photographs or memes just to get like or share, because now you need more backlink worthy shares of your post. So make sure you have a properly drafted post content that gives you a backlink everytime someone shares it. Not all of those back links will boost your ranking overnight but it matter, and that is beyond doubt.

The quality of content matter, because both Google & Bing also calculates the Authority of the person who is sharing your content. So surely you want good authority people to share your content.

2. Influence Direct Traffic, and Branded Search Queries

In a recent findings by SEMRush.com, in their Ranking Factor Study (SEMrush_Ranking_Factors_Study_2_0), that your organic search engine ranking is directly influenced by number of direct visitors on your website.

In fact, number of direct visits is the No.1 SERP ranking influencing factor. So, how can you grow the direct visits?

The answer is, Branded content.

One way is to use branded campaigns on social media platforms to reach out to your target audience, and offer them something for free to get them engaged with your brand, or bookmark some of your onsite content. That will increase direct traffic to your site.

On the other hand, branded search queries are also a direct indicator to search engines about your brand’s popularity. And remember we are talking about your brand, and not a keyword that sounds like your brand name.

SEO has changed dramatically, and it is useless to trick Google or other search engines these days. Only high value, high authority content is going to get considered, and add up to your SERP rankings.

Next, use branded videos ending with your brand name, because visual memories are strongest memories, which will make people search your brand name in search engines. One branded video is 50x effective than a thousand word blog post.

Next, use branded hashtag campaigns to grow your brand’s impressions, and user generated impressions for your brand name, that indicates people are talking about your brand, and share your content.

3. Use Social Search Engines

This one is fantastic. And we all SEO’s were ignoring it badly.

We all marketers usually post content on social media and then wait for people to come, like it, share it to achieve the virility. But can you help them reach your content proactively? The answer is in the question.

The growing content over social media platform is making it difficult for brands to reach audience, and the same time it is making it difficult for audience to reach brand’s valuable content as well. So what they do? They do use, ‘Search’.

People are using search features on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube as massively as they are using Google & Bing. And they are using the same keywords to search here as well, so we must have our post content optimized relevantly to get in front of them, when they search.


So to conclude it all, social media is more important now than ever, and not merely because of the ever growing user base, but more importantly because the digital content accessing is now becoming less platform dependent.

In zeal to cater the user better search engines and social platforms are finding valuable content cross platforms to make it easy to access, so your effective social media strategy has to include the universal behavior of content consumption.


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