New to Planet Digital Pandora? Best Tips to Survive & Grow.

Blog, Digital Marketing / Friday, November 13th, 2015

(Being Digital Naïve is a better situation to be in, when it comes to bring in digital ROI. See how.)

For someone like you who is eyeing the massive amount of precious treasure (digital revenue) on planet digital Pandora (digital marketing medium), but unable to decode the lingo (digital jargon), the situation may look like helplessness, since you’re unsure of rights & wrongs of digital marketing, totally depending on others to understand nitty gritty, and always skeptical if you’re making enough against of your digital marketing spend.

Situation will go worse if you are considering taking an online marketing course or, recruiting a VP-Digital marketing worth 60-70,000 bucks per month just to make sure that you understand the lingo to make strategic decision.

So, how to make most out of your digital marketing dollars?

As they say… World is as beautiful or ugly, as you see it; to turn the situation in your favor you first have to understand that you are a business owner, not a digital marketing ninja, so you better play what you are good at ie. Recruit, Empower, and Measure.

Recruit the best people you can afford (either inhouse employees or, a digital agency). Then,

Empower them by setting up clear goals, and letting them choose their path to achieve it. And,

Measure business numbers.



Shall you recruit a team in-house or go with a digital agency, depends on what cost you want to afford V/s the ROI, but recruit the best digital marketing agency or team you can afford, and then play kid in front of them, and focus on “WHY?”

Kids are among the best problem solvers, due to their non-stop questioning ability. They’ll ask you several WHY’s, and passively teaching you several things, unintelligently. So how to play kids?

Why SEO?

Why do we need to invest into Google Adwords?

Why our website traffic is going up? Why down?

Why content marketing? Why not video?

Why this agency? Why not that agency?

Why conversion is up? Why down?

Why can’t we double up the traffic?

The more you question, the more you’ll learn.


Instead of jumping into technical jargon, it’s always advisable to empower your team to achieve the results, and get the hell out of view. How?

Empowering is not resource arrangements only, empowering is also helping them see your business vision, helping them understand why & how you want what you want, and then setting them free to achieve it their way.

Empowering is boosting their production capacity.

Regardless of your digital marketing understanding, choose to look stupid in front of your digital team, and just keep asking the right questions. Always ask to bring you multiple solutions to choose from, and never inject your ideas prematurely.

This will make your team simplify their communication with you, and talk to you in a lingo that you understand better.

Sometime you must play smart, sometime it pays to act stupid.


Measure ROI, not back links.

I don’t understand what happens to business sense of CXO’s when it comes to digital media. Why you start talking keywords, traffic, backlinks and page views, but ROI?

I remember a case of one of my previous client whom I offered a very simple to scan weekly ROI report for weekly performance analysis, but by the time 2 reports were dispatched, she became impatient and asked for all the raw data reports, just to make sure if we are really working on her project or not. While this behavior is common, its impact is waste of your time and increased frustration, since you neither can read the entire raw data reports every week nor do you gain any useful insight out of it. It’s just raw data.

So it’s better use of your time doing the comparative analysis, and focusing on long term ROI.

So surviving on digital Pandora is easy if you play your strength and use your team smartly to get things done.

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