Behind Every High Performing Team, There is a Stupid CEO.

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Every time I set myself to write something new to help new guys who are adopting entrepreneurship, it goes like evolving self. I trust learning from past, plays a vital role in one’s growth, and helping others using your past experience improves your intellectual self. Life, in general, is like a college, every day a new lesson. So learning is inevitable for every curious.

That’s my story, every time I write.

CEO’s face almost similar situation in their everyday life. They are accountable for organization’s performance, and largely depend on their teams to accomplish desired results, so coaching is part of their job.

Some of the most acclaimed CEO’s, play coach to their team. They help their team learn new things, advices a lot, and coach their performance.

But, the breed in my story today is a bit different.

They are blunt. They are sharp. They are chasing their goals day and night. They’re meal missers, and the clock-less guys who don’t coach but enforces you to learn. They’re so focused & passionate to achieve their goals that they don’t bother about having a great reputation within the team under. They’re often topics of water-cooler-gossips, and usually end up gaining reputation of a workaholic if not “A STUPID”.

So how does Gaurav Pandey’s stupid CEO’s look like? Let’s explore.

1. That stupid rehearse before speaking.

Hell… I mean does he rehearse every time he meet his team?… seriously? Haha.. Crazy he is.

A little bit yes. He is crazy to keep internal communication crystal clear. And he understands internal communication isn’t about shooting an email to all, only.

Generally when we talk about internal communication, we imaging keeping everyone informed about everything happening in every corner of office. So we jump start bombarding emails to everyone. Thanks to CC: Lol.

The best of worst’s is, using Gmail as the internal communication tool.

But my stupid CEO’s knows internal communication is about selling his vision, and talking at the right frequency. Not his, not his team’s, but at the just perfect frequency. What does that mean?

CEO’s are path finder’s, and always so energized with their new grand idea(s) that they can actually come up with series of ideas in totally different dimensions altogether, involving different teams, with gutsy presumptions and loose calculations over fingers. And curious to share it with their team.

So they call a meet. A quick meet. And tells everyone what they think, and how the end result looks like. Exciting?

The problem starts, once the CEO is done speaking, because now the team wants to know their parts?

See, you are envisioning the entire picture, but your team members are reading your story individually and imagining their part only.

My stupid CEO’s know this crack, thus they rehearse almost the every detail that team may want to understand. Who all shall be there… Why?… And what sort of details will be required for them to accept my GRAND IDEA.

Hearing doesn’t guarantee acceptance. And without total buy-in, your team members will only act as your hands, not brains. You’ll lose their original ideas, discovering capabilities, experimental instinct, their own validation quest, and the 360 degree perspective to your idea. And what all you’ll end with is your inferior quality gofer delegation.

2. That stupid only question, never answers.

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs once said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do?”

Does it happen to you as well, that even after hiring great people in your team, you don’t find enough time in a day? In fact there comes a point where you halt hiring out of your fear that it will make you even busier.

Trust me hiring more people won’t solve this, since the problem is within you.

You doubt your hiring.

You don’t think your team members can understand & act on the things as passionately as you can, and that’s why you get into every nitty-gritty, leaving you less or no time-margin to attend more important things.

So why do we recruit?

We recruit to buy more time in a day, by delegating less important decision making at various levels of hierarchy, but if you are constantly responding to every little thing they need to get their work done, they trace the pattern and will continue doing so.

They won’t try on their own, ever. And this is bad. This is like working for your team, and paying them too.

My stupid CEO’s asks too many questions to their team for helping them attain clarity of purpose, do their own home work, analyze various solutions and bring options to choose from. Yes, that stupid CEO, never supplies a direct answer, only question.

It may take a little longer to get things done this way, but actually it instills self drive in your team. This is crucial for high performing organization, where you make best out of every mind, hired.

3. That stupid hate meetings

Oh boy, I know having no meeting looks like doing no work. I can feel that. But my stupid CEO’s have a very different approach to meetings.

The million dollar question they have for you & me here is “Why you conduct meetings?”

Imagine paying extra per hour rate to everyone attending your meeting? Will you still conduct meetings the same way as you do currently?

No, this time you will ask yourself. Do I seriously need this meeting, and if yes, then how to make most out of it?

10 people in a meeting can’t decide anything. They can only talk (we call it discussion, technically).

My stupid CEO’s does his home work before meetings, and make his team do so too. And meeting calls are only to collect everyone’s ideas & thoughts, to use later to form a decision.

So next time you call a meet, try calculating the ROI on attendees.

These so called stupid CEO’s choose to behave the way they do, to make their team take lead, expedite execution by doing their home work, and bring in better solutions to problems. What else could be a better way to create intra-preneurs & leaders within organizations?


(This article was guest written for Linkedin Pulse)

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